Lots of new videos up

I have been so busy lately but I have been on a roll uploading videos over the past few weeks.

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I used to Vlog and make videos on YouTube I also wrote for my blog a few years back and I really enjoyed it. I used it as a way to help me to lose weight and gain information and help others on the Dukan diet. I also documented my natural hair journey. As my family and friends should know by now I am also a lil crazy so making videos helped me to contain and share my crazy ways. It was a successful channel at the time as there were not many on YouTube covering the Dukan and UK natural hair, but I did not stick with it.

As you can see I have  decided to return and really dive in and I hope to get my support and subscribers back up.

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I am back at blogging and vlogging!

Hello I am back! I have so much to update you on. I recently had a baby he is now 11 weeks today and he is super cute and such a happy babba. So I am back on my weight loss journey sharing ways to lose weight while breast feeding and sharing my life with you all. I have loads to share with you.

This week I started uploading videos and I am looking to growing my Channel and blog.

I am still juicing and I am still sharing natural hair tips and ideas.

Something which is new to my channel is my family vlogs my boys are now joining in the fun which is great.

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Man I missed this!